Medical Student For Choice East Africa Regional Meeting 2023 (MSFC-EARM2023) Conference was held in Kigali, Rwanda, on August 26th, 2023. It was meticulously organized by the MSFC-Rwanda chapter and it hosted students from 46 chapters, 8 countries in Africa. The conference was under the theme of “Shaping the Future: Universal Access to Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights, Comprehending Safe Abortion”, which, empowered participants to shape the future and work towards ensuring universal access to sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR) while comprehending safe abortion. 

Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC) is immensely proud to have supported the MSFC-Rwanda Chapter in organizing the EARM2023 conference from its inception to its successful conclusion.

During the event, MDFC took part in the discussion, which helped encourage participants and equip them with the necessary skills in sexual and reproductive health and safe abortion. This included a keynote speech from Dr. Jean Berchmans UWIMANA and insights provided by Dr. Claude NSABIMANA on the panel.

Dr. Jean Berchmans UWIMANA; a cofounder of MDFC highlighted the global reach of MSFC and advocacy for the integration of SRHR, specifically safe abortion education into medical curricula. His keynote speech underscored the pressing need for universal access to comprehensive SRHR services while dispelling cultural and religious myths surrounding these vital topics. As a take-home message, Dr. Berchmans emphasized the importance of understanding safe abortion practices and respecting individuals’ choices regarding their own bodies by remembering that SRHR is a human right.

DR. Claude NSABIMANA; an Executive Director of MDFC, through panel discussion, shared the journey of MDFC, a product of MSFC, and highlighted the remarkable progress witnessed in MSFC’s efforts. He also pointed out that most SRH-related policies have historically centered on women, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and including men in the conversation. He advocated for a more inclusive approach to SRHR, where men and women collaborate to create a healthier, more equitable future.

The MSFC-EARM2023 Conference was not just an event; it was a catalyst for change, an opportunity to connect cultures and ideas, and a platform to empower the next generation of healthcare providers to champion comprehensive sexual reproductive health and rights (SRHR). It was a testament to the power of unity, knowledge, and advocacy in driving positive change in the field of SRHR.

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