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Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC), is an organization that advocate for reproductive health and provide access to a comprehensive Sexual and reproductive health services, including contraception and Safe abortion in allowed legal ground. MDFC was founded on background of core values that believe health as a human right.

Medical doctors from all over the country are encouraged to apply for membership. By joining MDFC, you will be connecting with other physicians and with support to enable you to be an effective champion for reproductive health and rights. Together, we envision a community where every single person has right, without any discrimination, to access the reproductive health services anywhere at any time.

Our Members access the following benefits:

  • Interact and (Re)connect with other MDFC doctor members across the country

  • Learn from other like-minded colleagues and share your expertise, resources, and strategies

  • Access members-only community forum, and conference calendars

  • Invest in the next generation of providers through coaching and support

  • Use MDFC’s materials and resources, including position papers, at events, workshops, and conferences

  • Access MDFC’s trainings

  • Propose topics for MDFC services and/or research

  • Alert MDFC’s staff about the need for urgent policy-related responses or public statements on behalf of MDFC

  • Provide feedback and thus contribute to new MDFC support services and resource offerings

MDFC membership is free, but we encourage a voluntary contribution. You will have the opportunity to donate at the end of signup process if you can.


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