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Because healthcare is a choice, not a privilege.

About MDFC

Rwanda Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC) is a non-governmental organization founded by a network of Rwandan pro-choice health care providers who believe in the right to choose and individual body autonomy. We advocate for reproductive rights and access to comprehensive reproductive health care, with a primary focus on safe abortion Information and services.

Our Vision

A future where individuals can confidently and safely decide on equitable access to services related to comprehensive Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights, free from harassment, stigma, and discrimination.

Our Mission

To be a catalyst of change, creating a network of medical doctors who believe in the right to safe and comprehensive reproductive health services, expanding the provision of, and advocating for access to comprehensive SRHR-related services.

Our History


Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC) was founded by the Alumni of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC), Rwanda chapter. Medical Students for Choice aims to create tomorrow’s pro-choice physicians and contributes to training medical students about comprehensive sexual and reproductive health in a clinical setting with a special focus on safe abortion. 

MDFC represents the opinions, ideas, and services of medical doctors who chose to dedicate their profession in providing SRHRJ services to save lives. MDFC partners with different organizations and stakeholders with a shared goal to create a positive impact.


Our Strategies

  • 1.
    Advocating for and contributing to the reinforcement and implementation of progressive policies around comprehensive SRHRJ services.
  • 2.
    Actively creating partnerships with civil society organizations and other institutions working on comprehensive SRHRJ to create a stronger movement for transformative and sustainable change.
  • 3.
    Empowering healthcare professionals on the legal and medical aspects of abortion, post-abortion care through capacity building, and Contributing to the behavior change of healthcare providers when communicating with clients seeking for SRHRJ services.
  • 4.
    Leveraging innovative healthcare solutions to enhance access to SRHR services by integration of digital health technology and research.


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