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Dr Claude NSABIMANA is the Co-funder and Deputy executive director of the Medical Doctors for choice. He is a Rwandan medical doctor, a degree he earned from University of Rwanda/ college of medicine and health sciences. He is currently undertaking the Masters in Public Health (MPH).

Dr Claude is Co-Leader at Medical Students For Choice (MSCF). He is an alumni of the International federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA), network of future physicians globally and a non-governmental organization member of WHO where he served as Development Assistant for Africa Region term 2018-2019. Since 2018 he chaired the organizing committee of the 69th IFMSA March Meeting General Assembly 2020, that gathered around 1000 future physicians at the time from 120 countries to discuss issues around global health.

Claude has a long history of volunteerism and activism. For six years as medical students he volunteered with the Medical Students Association of Rwanda (MEDSAR). In 2017 he was elected as the National Public Health officer at MEDSAR and holds an international certificate as a public health leadership trainer.

A year later, in 2018 was elected as the President of MEDSAR. Claude organized and chaired different international events, such as the reproductive health exchanges for two consecutive years 2017,2018. He also served as a member of the local youth lead at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA2019). He also served as an outreach coordinator at the Rwanda NCDS alliance. He is Co-Founder of Health4Health organization that provides a platform to young people especially teens to explore and participate in activities and initiatives that promote and voice their rights to reproductive health. 

Dr Claude is passionate to voice for the voiceless and has immense skills in advocacy. He volunteered with Youth Education and Advocacy of Reproductive Health (YEAH) Project that successfully advocated for inclusion of the reproductive health course in Rwanda primary and secondary schools curriculum.


       Executive Director

Claude Nsabimana Passport proffessional.jpg

Dr. GIRANEZA, is a Rwandan woman medical doctor for choice. She graduated from the University of Rwanda, school of medicine and pharmacy/ College of medicine and health sciences.


During her undergraduate medical training, she has served as assistant students leader of medical students for choice at the University of Rwanda and contributed to the organizing committee of the 1st and 2nd African Regional Meetings of Medical Students For Choice, Kigali, Rwanda.


Dr. GIRANEZA, has worked as treasurer of African Regional Meeting that was hosted by Medical Students Association of Rwanda, She gave assistance in research methodology, scientific writing and publication at Global Health Focus Rwanda in 2017, She is recognized at the University of Rwanda for her helping hand as Project coordinator of Medical Students Association of Rwanda in 2018, She contributed to the design and implementation of Youth Education Activities on Non Communicable Diseases (YEAN) a partnership project between IMCC Rwanda and MEDSAR.


She is a certified Medical Doctor and programs coordinator of Medical Doctors For Choice and strongly she is enhancing the program of Women Doctors For Reproductive Justice.

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Dr Ufitinema was born and raised in Rwanda, where she attended university of Rwanda and obtained her medical degree. She is currently practicing as a medical doctor at Nyamata district hospital, where she is regarded in the hospital ,receiving numerous accolades for her quality and patient centered care.

She has served in many national and international committees such as federations of African medical student’s association, Health development initiative, Clinton health access initiative, and  

she formerly worked with Rwanda biomedical center to conduct screening on the Covid 19 at the Office of the president and Kigali international airport. 

She is a certified international trainer from international federation of medical Student and A recipient of young African leader’s certificate.


In her spare time, Dr Ufitinema enjoys Traveling, spending time with her friends and family, staying outdoors and listening to audiobooks.

Dr. ufitinema pacifique


Director of Programs, Education, Research & Training


MUTIMUKEYE Clarisse is a Medical Doctor, Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Graduate Scholar and Community health activist. Dr. Clarisse has 3 years experience in project management and implementation. She has been planning and implementing different health based projects since 2014. She worked with MEDSAR in Youth Education Activities on NCDs (YEAN) project and has co-worked in project management at IYAFP (International Youth Alliance for Family Planning), Medical Ministry International and other health based organizations. Clarisse worked with Rwanda Biomedical Center in Screening, Contact tracing, and testing for Covid-19 Pandemic. She joined medical doctors for choice because she believes that her knowledge and working together with other medical doctors can have a significant impact especially to Sexual health of Girls and Women who are victims of poor information on SRH.

Dr. mutimukeye CLARISSE

Director of Clinical Services

Dr. GASHEMA Jacques was born in Rwanda, did his undergraduate studies in University of Rwanda, college of medicine , successfully obtained a bachelor degree in medicine and surgery after graduation in 2018, now with an experience of 3yeras in medical career. he involved in different NGOs activities like Health People Rwanda through sexual and reproductive health education in different Kigali high schools and youth comers, Medical student for choice(MSFC) Rwanda chapter though advocacy and awareness on safe abortion and family planing and through extenership help in Gana in PPAG clinic on sexual education and family planing. recently i participated in Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Project as Volunteer on Sexual education and reproductive health right, i joined Medical Doctor For Choice(MDFC) with my passionate colleagues doctors in different health facilities to increases awareness and to advocate for female SRHR.

Director of Innovations


PHOTO-2021-09-10-16-03-37 - Gashema Jacques.jpg


-hy7dxs - SANDRINE UMUHOZA_edited.jpg

Umuhoza sandrine

I am Dr Umuhoza sandrine, full rwandan,joined university of Rwanda where I abtained my bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery, currently working at Kabaya DH as junior medical afficer, when I was medical student I involved in different activities through Medsar,and i was MSFC member. I' really interested in reproductive health and ready to join my fellow Drs through MDFC to raise ,advocate for women and girls about sexual and reproductive health

20200730163743625 - Ndayishimiye Isaac.jpg

Ndayishimiye Isaac

Dr Isaac Ndayishimiye  graduated from the University of  Rwanda in 2019 with  medical degree.  Currently practicing as a medical doctor at Gatonde district hospital, serving as a medical doctor but also interested in helping  the community in  Post abortion care, safe abortion and family planning by providing those services and in training his colleagues after RSOG training .
He Joined Medical Doctors for choice with a passion to promote education on  reproductive health and rights and strive to increased access to SRHR services for girls and women

MUDELI Sylvain

Dr Mudely Slyvain, Is a passionate pro-choice physician working at Kabaya hospital. He has immense leadership experience and from his medical school he was the representative of his cohort of medical student. As physician he has been involved in sexual and reproductive health service provision where he is much passionate about working with women and girls. He has attended several trainings on legal and medical aspect of safe abortion care in Rwanda. 

"I joined MDFC because I wanted to join hands with like minded physicians to advance for rights for girls and women to high quality SRHR services such as modern contraceptives, family planning, legal safe abortion and comprehensive SRHR education"

_DSC1045 - Sylvain Mudeli.JPG


I am Dr UZAYISENGA Domithile, I was born and raised in Rwanda. I have a bachelor in medicine and surgery, a graduate of University of Rwanda, College of medicine and health sciences. I am currently practicing as a medical doctor at Kabgayi district hospital where I receive many girls and women requesting for reproductive health services.
Before, I didn't get many chances to participate in public health events regarding reproductive health services events as I had no enough information about them.
That is why I got interested to join medical doctors for choice because I believe in girls and women autonomy, and I want to join hands with other medical doctors who have passion in reproductive health and rights and strive to increased access to SRHR services for girls and women.

IMG_20210516_094501_926 - Domithile Uzayisenga.jpg

Muragijimana Jean de Dieu

Dr Muragijimana Jean de Dieu , was born and raised in Rwanda, where he attended University of Rwanda/College of Medicine and Health Science and holds a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. He is currently practicing as a medical doctor at Byumba District Hospital, where he receives numerous accolades for quality and patient centered care especially for girls and women seeking Reproductive Health services.

During his studies at University of Rwanda, he was a member of different students organization such as MSFC, MEDSAR through SCORA standing committee where he participated in different volunteerism activities and workshops aimed to empower girls and women in raising awareness about their SRHR services mainly intended also to stop unintended pregnancies in Rwanda, disseminate adequate information on menstrual hygiene and create equal access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH) information .

"I Joined Medical Doctors for choice because I believe in girls and women boldly autonomy. I wanted to join hands with other medical doctors who have passion in reproductive health and rights and strive to increased access to SRHR services for girls and women and as I am Alumni of MSFC From University of Rwanda, being a Member of MDFC will allow me to keep fostering and achieve my goal of providing education on family planning, contraceptive, counseling and abortion services in equitable way."


Abibeshya Claudine

I’m Dr Abibeshya Claudine medical doctor at Muhororo DH in Ngororero district , I recently joined MDFC and previously at University, I was a MSFC Fellow since 2015. I have been involved in SHR as a champion in MSFC until now I’m still interested in helping youth to achieve their dreams through teaching them about how to prevent unpredicted pregnancies that may cause them to leave schools and give birth to children who are prone to be street children. I’m Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI) alumni So I like working in community rather than treating one patient since in the community large number of population is treated at the same time I hope that MDFC come as solutions for unsafe abortion that are Carrie our in community together we can have healthiest community that is able to work for their development rather than being barden to the government.

Simeon Turatsinze - TURATSINZE simeon.jpg


Dr Simeon TURATSINZE attended medical school at university of Rwanda, the time he stayed in medical school he used his free time in students running organizations with aim to improve quality of health of marginalized people in Rwanda, start with these surrounding campus.
Dr Simeon TURATSINZE participate in implementation of designed projects and in designing of new projects based on gaps.
After completion of Medical school, serving as medical Doctor, he kept meet marginalized people seeking health care, and identify another gap in people seeking SRHR related health care.
He joined Medical Doctors for choice so that he can meet other medical doctors who are motivated enough to raise their voice to eliminate possible barriers to access SRHR. 


I'am Tresor Muditi currently working as Generally practitioner at Nyamata District Hospital with 2 years experience as a Medical Doctor with special dedication to girls and women health that is s why i joined MDFC short time
I am a Medical students for Choice Alumnus, i attended different activities and conferences prepared by MSFC including the African regional Meeting during my medical school period.

I joined the MDFC because i believe Girls and Women health have to be given a priority since women are the one who carry the pregnancy for months and take the first step in caring for the babies as they grow up. So they need a special attention.
So as we care about girls and women health we directly care about our community as well

D3984290-98D6-4ECE-BB81-AA4687418B5E - Tresor Muditi.jpeg


Dr Mfurankunda Pierrette,  I am a Rwandan Medical Doctor. I and my family grew up in Rwanda where I did my studies. I hold a Bachelor degree in General Medicine and Surgery from the University of Rwanda, and currently working as a General Practitioner at Masaka Hospital.
I am interested in female sexual reproductive health and has volunteered in different NGOs that provide girls and women reproductive health services. I also worked with Rwanda Biomedical Center since the start of this pandemic  in the screening and followup of patients with Covid 19.
I joined Medical Doctors for choice because I want to help and advocate for girls and women who have issues with accessing SRHR services. 

20211016_114539 - Mfurankunda Pierrette.jpg

Medical Doctors For Choice MDFC has more than 54 members, currently active pro-choice physicians and legal service providers in their affiliated poly-clinics and hospitals across the country. 

Only consented providers are displayed here

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