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Reproductive Justice and Rights Convening 2022   (RJRC2022)


The time has finally come if you are interested in joining the #RJRC2022 Organizing team. 

We are honored to release the #RJRC2022 Organizing Committee call, and people from all backgrounds are welcome to join our diverse team! Don’t worry about your experience; activism and spirit for Reproductive Justice&Rights and commitment are most important. 

Available positions that you can apply for: Vice-Chair of the OC, Fundraising, Secretariat, Logistics Coordinator, Logistics
Coordinator, RJRC Post Tour Coordinator, Content and Programs Coordinator, RJRC local&International ambassadors coordinator. 


Check the application guide for more information on positions and tasks descriptions. check the document below:

RJRC2022 Application guide

Apply via the link below:


Reproductive Justice and Rights Convening 2022 (RJRC2022) will be the reproductive Justice event.


RJRC2022 is scheduled to take place in Rwanda in December and is expected to gather around 500 participants worldwide!

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