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HDI has significantly contributed to the development of Medical Doctors For Choice by supporting capacity building of the organization.

Through the partnership of HDI and the Medical Students For Choice at the University of Rwanda that benefit more than 300 medical students every year, MDFC has been able to realize a demand of comprehensive SRHRJ knowledge amongst current and future healthcare providers as splendidly as a demand of related services in both clinical and legal aspects. 

CONSORT works closely with MDFC to realise opportunities that benefit women and girls in hard to get places to access community health insurance support.


MEDSAR together with MSFC at the University of Rwanda, works with MDFC to organize medical students training that has a wide reach. Through this strong collaboration MDFC benefits fresh graduates who are ready and committed to join MDFC network.

Through the young champion of RISE UP cohort 3, who is also the co-founder of MDFC, RISE UP supported the development of a teaching material dubbed”SAVE (Safe Abortion Videos Edutainment)” This material is used by both MSFC and MDFC for regular related training.

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HPR provides daily technical support to MDFC operations. Furthermore, HPR has been the fiscal sponsor of SAVE project that keeps being used for training, reference and learning process of current and future pro-choice physicians. 


Since the ideation of MDFC, The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has been supporting HDI and MSFC partnership that keeps creating physicians who provide quality comprehensive SRHR information and services without biases in a local context. This substantial partnership supported MDFC to realise opportunities of existing as a network that efficiently applied gained quality SRHR knowledge to beneficiaries from students’ to providers’ perspective. 


With the expertise of Flavours of Family Planning, a company that disrupts male engagement in Family Planning while delivering gender friendly Family Planning information using edutainment by employing kitchen materials for hands on simulation,Medical Doctors For Choice gains edutaining teaching materials used to train current and future pro-choice physicians.

Medical Doctors For Choice(MDFC) is the official member of the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition. We partner in efforts to ensure that people in low and middle-income countries can obtain, choose and use high-quality reproductive health supplies.

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