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MSFC Huye chapter introductory meeting


Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) at the University of Rwanda, Huye campus held its first meeting as a chapter. The historic meeting took place on 20th December at Huye campus southern province.

The Rwandan chapter of Medical Students for Choice was the first African MSFC chapter to be found in 2013. The MSFC Rwanda chapter has provided a good opportunity for the promotion of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights topics among future doctors, with a special focus on abortion care. 

Despite the sensitivity and legal restrictions around abortion in a Rwandan context, MSFC is the only opportunity for Rwandan medical students to discuss abortion issues looking at both legal and medical aspects, and it is a good occasion for future doctors to realize the burden weighing on women’s health and reproductive rights in general.


The Rwandan chapter of Medical Students for Choice was mainly based at the University of Rwanda (UR) Kigali campus where clinical years students are located. Very few sessions MSFC were taking place at the UR Huye campus where pre-clinical students are located. With support from MSFC headquarters and mentorship provided by the Medical Doctors For Choice, MSFC from UR Huye campus was able to recruit their first official members. The introductory meeting with new members has gathered 20 medical students where they were introduced to MSFC, the history, the goal, activities. Furthermore, they discussed body autonomy and their role as future physicians to empower girls and women to decide about their bodies. The meeting was led by Sandrine the new MSFC Huye chapter leader and Serge MSFC Kigali chapter leader. The participants had the opportunity to present their expectations as MSFC new members and were introduced to the legal aspect of abortion in Rwanda.

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