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ISHIMWE Bienveillance

It's a good video to watch and learn about safe abortion and all rules and regulations and about who is eligible to access that service.

Masengesho  Charlotte

We must educate the young generation abaut their right on safebortion because now it is legal accepted in Rwanda. We must have more training about safeabortion so we will apply well in our setting which will reduce number of death due to traditional abortion Which are bad. Let's save life of people by decreasing traditional abortion.

Aduhire Marie Gisele

Thank you so much for the explanatory  and good content. I like how you explain abortion law in Rwanda. You are inspiring the young generation, specifically future medical doctors.

Iradukunda David

This video details well about what is safe abortion, who is allowed to provide this service, what are the criteria and time limit for accessing safe abortion and it is very audible and educative. I liked most the translations as everyone can access it and the way these health care providers detailed everything i.e. I can't wait to recommend it to others


This video is awesome and more educative to our community because it help us to know ministerial law about safe abortion in Rwanda for me I liked the way they explain to us.

Ngendahayo Richard

Safe abortion is carried out in Rwanda in case of violence, incest, forced marriage and medical conditions of both mother and fetus. It can be performed by atleast a doctor with a bachelor degree in general medicine at the level of hospital and polyclinic with the rights. Doctors should not investigate the clients.

Ndagijimana Jean Nepomuscene

safe abortion is human right and should be performed under confidentiality.

Venuste MINANI

it is good and comprehensive video highlighting every single detail required for safe abortion and in RWANDA take into consideration the rights and obligation of individual and low. I appreciate that the individual who give false information is the take care case legally.

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