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Who we are

Rwanda Women Doctors For Reproductive Justice



Who we are

We are Women pro-choice Doctors

About Us

We are a network of young women physicians in Rwanda. We share the spirit of activism driven by the passion for radically advancing women's access to sexual and reproductive rights.

Feminism is at the heart of our radical approach. Doctors are the most influencing individuals when it comes to abortion. Additionally, women are the most well positioned to speak out against the injustice they face. Rwanda Women Doctors For Reproductive Justice was initiated in 2021 by young feminists to create a network of pro-choice women physicians who are progressive enough to provide legal, safe abortion services. The aim was to unite and empower women to support women.

Our approach is unique and inspiring. Through creativity, organizing, and a sense of solidarity, we believe there is an emerging movement of resistance to inequity spearheaded by feminists.


We know well about the fear and insecurity caused by the feminist movements. Many are afraid to face women who exercise their full rights to decide about their bodies. Many organizations are unwilling to openly and comprehensively address abortion rights and legal access issues. This is because, in reality, the power to decide is embedded in a patriarchal system, and women continue to suffer from limited access to legal abortion services. At RWDFRJ, we believe there is a need to shift the power to the most vulnerable and affected. We prioritize collaborative care and protect our members from external threats and harassment. 



Our Activities

Trainings and gatherings

1. Students trainings and workshops

Every month medical students for choice members gather to discuss SRHR in a clinical setting and legal aspect with a special focus on safe abortion care and related reproductive health topics.

Total reach since 2013: 750 Medical students.


2.  African Regional meeting


The MSFC Africa Regional Meeting, gathers African medical students for choice from different MSFC chapters Across Africa in one African country to discuss the challenges around safe abortion and related SRHR topics in a clinical setting and legal aspect at least once in 2 years. This idea was suggested by Dr. Jean Berchmans UWIMANA 2017, former leader of MSFC Rwanda chapter, in 2017 as a response to difficulties that deprive African medical students for choice to participate in similar gatherings that take place in the USA and UK, here to mention main challenges like travel documents and financial challenges. Since this idea was inaugurated, MSFC Rwanda chapter has hosted 2 successive MSFC ARM in Rwanda-Kigali 2017 and 2019. Both ARMS’ has been fully sponsored, thanks to MSFC HQ and stakeholders.


Our Team


Pacific    Ufitinema

Editor in Chief


Sandrine Umutoniwase

Assistant Manager


Clarisse  Mutimukeye

Programming Editor


Fanny Giraneza

Art Director


Divine Ingabire

Programming Editor


Girimpundu Revocathe


-hy7dxs - SANDRINE UMUHOZA_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Sandrine Umuhoza

Assistant Manager

IMG_20211111_151755_139 - Josee MUREKEYISONI_edited_edited.jpg

Josee Murekeyisoni

Art Director

20211016_114539 - Mfurankunda Pierrette_edited.jpg

Pierrette Mfurankunda

Programming Editor

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