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About MDFC

Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC), is an organization of medical doctors who believe that sexual reproductive health, rights and Justice matter. We believe that people have the right to choose confidently their appropriate way of controlling birth and medical doctors have a responsibility to follow their patients' lead and support them in receiving their option efficiently and safely. We legally and safely advocate, inform and serve.

Medical Doctors For Choice (MDFC) was founded by the Alumni of Medical Students for Choice (MSFC), Rwanda chapter. Medical Students for Choice aims at creating tomorrow’s pro-choice physicians and contributes to training medical students about comprehensive sexual and reproductive health in a clinical setting with a special focus on safe abortion. 


MDFC represents the opinions, ideas and services of medical doctors who chose to dedicate their profession in providing SRHRJ services to save lives. MDFC partners with organizations with a shared goal to create a positive impact.

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